Whether you decide on an agency or independent escort, keep in mind the following basic rule: you get what you paid for so if anything sounds too good to be true it probably is! Contrary to a popular belief that you can save big bucks on an agency fee by working with independent escorts, you may in fact end up paying more…for less!

There are two categories of independent escorts: those who choose to work independently and those who have been rejected by agencies, either because of their looks and personality, or their failure to pass certain level of security screening. While escorts from the second category may claim to charge significantly less than "the industry standard" in your city, watch out for major rip-offs: chances are you won't be pleased with her looks, attitude or performance and may end up spending a ridiculous amount on a kiss on the cheek.

Escorts in the first category can be very attractive, professional and discreet. However, you should expect to pay the same or higher amount of money that you would spend with an agency, because by avoiding agency fees, independent escorts take responsibility for their own advertising, screening and security costs. Also, keep in mind that it is relatively easy for an independent escort to "change identity" by advertising themselves as someone completely different every few weeks to escape any negative comments about their professional reputation. Unless you are contacting someone strongly recommended to you by a trusted source, you are better off working with an agency (carefully selected, of course, using the guidelines above!) for the following reasons:

a) once you find an agency, you have a reliable source of entertainment for months and years to come whereas with an independent you are investing time, money and effort into building a relationship with an individual entertainer;

b) when dealing with a licensed agency, you protect your privacy and ensure personal safety and security. Licensed agencies have too much money invested into advertising and building their brand and name recognition to risk their professional reputation and relationship with city authorities by putting clients at risk: which is why they carefully screen all the escorts, investigate their background and avoid conflicts at all costs.

c) All agencies offer VIP treatment and discount program to their regular clients so you end up saving a lot of money in the long run.

d) Let's say you decided to work with an independent anyway. You check out their ad, talk on the phone, arrange for a meeting and realize as soon as they arrive that the pictures you've been so impressed with date back about 15 years! What's next? You are a nice person and telling someone to their face that they aren't exactly what you thought they would be is not that easy so you may end up paying for something you wouldn't even want for free. By working with a reputable agency that offers satisfaction guarantee, you ensure the best possible experience. If for some reason you are not completely thrilled with an escort, all you have to do is call the agency and they'll send a replacement or provide a refund.
Agency vs Independent
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