Finding the best agency that you can trust and enjoy doing business with is the first and most crucial step towards ensuring a pleasant, comfortable experience. You may need to do some research first but the effort will be well worth it, especially if you are planning on using the service on a regular basis. Call a few agencies to find an average price for escort companionship in your area. These fees range greatly by the city. You can expect to pay a lot more in New York than you would in Omaha, NE. Once you determine the average price range in you area, always keep it in mind and watch out for agencies that make unrealistic offers. If the average price range in your area is from $200 to $500 and someone offers you an all-inclusive date with a 19-year old lingerie model for a $150, it's probably a rip off.

Pay close attention to the agency's name and choose the ones that are easy to remember. If you open escort service section in your phone directory or local paper, you will notice a large number of agencies with unintelligible names that are impossible to remember. Buyer BE WARE! These agencies are chameleons: they DO NOT want you to remember their name because they don't offer any kind of satisfaction guarantee. As a rule, they have several advertisements with different phone numbers that lead to the same business. The trick is that even if you have the most negative experience with them, you will call back thinking that you are contacting a different agency.

When you call the agency, notice how the operator treats you. Are they friendly, courteous and professional? Do they provide clear answers to your questions? Do they offer you a realistic price range that corresponds to the average price range in your area? Do they have a screening process in place, i.e. do they verify your identity and exact location before sending you an escort? This last question may seem like a nuisance and disadvantage if you are new to the process, but keep in mind that responsible communication or lack of it works both ways: an agency that doesn't seem to care about their escorts' safety, won't care about your satisfaction either.

A picture is worth a thousand words so it is a lot easier to deal with an agency that has an established Web presence. This way, you can browse through the photos and see what the escorts actually look like instead of relying on an operator's descriptions.

Once you find the agency that is right for you, the ultimate goal is to establish a long-term mutually beneficial arrangement that will provide you with a reliable source of entertainment for months and years to come. All agencies offer VIP treatment and discount program to their regular clients so you end up saving a lot of money in the long run.
How to choose the right agency?
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